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It’s been said that people don’t choose jobs, they choose careers. 

And we couldn’t agree more! 
At HPR, we are happy to offer a career opportunity to anybody with the zeal and passion to succeed.
Could this opportunity change your life? We usually try to stay away from cliches, but it’s entirely possible!

So what’s on offer you ask?

An enticing career as a Recruitment Consultant

Whether you’re familiar with the industry or you’re seeking a new opportunity to explore; this is a chance for you to enter a 400 billion€ booming industry, growing by 10% every year.

We’re aren’t necessarily looking for industry veterans! As an organization that matches recruitment agencies with potential recruiters, we look for folks with the abilities required to succeed in this industry – ambition with an entrepreneurial mindset, resilience for you’ll be working with individuals from all walks of life, and excellent communication skills in English and otherwise.

But wait, there’s more!

The reason we aren’t particular about previous experience is due to our one-of-its-kind training program. Once you come on board, we’ll help every step of the way to bring you up to speed with the industry.

We leverage over a decade of experience to provide you with mentorship, learning resources, and continued coaching till you know the ins and outs of the recruitment business. 

What does success look like to you?

We are committed to your success, but what does success look like for you?

Besides the benefits listed below, do uncapped commissions regardless of age and seniority excite you? 

Or does the thought of making a difference in somebody’s life every single day by finding them a new opportunity drive you?

Recruitment consultants work hard and play hard. The job requires building a pipeline of prospects to turn into clients, and a talents pipeline to turn into candidates in a specific niche. They do consultative sales, and support clients with their needs while finding the right opportunity for candidates within their network.

But of course, this is a rewarding career, with the following perks

  • Uncapped commission
  • A company car
  • Training programs to acquire life-changing and lasting skills in the domains of communication, process and expectation management, negotiation, sales, and recruiting
  • An opportunity to work with and learn from inspiring leaders
  • Flexibility in the way you organize your day. You are trusted with your time.
  • Become an authority in your domain as you continue to grow
  • What you do matters, you create value and make a difference from day 1
  • Say goodbye to boring days! No 2 days are the same
  • Change lives by matching the right people from your network to companies looking to stay competitive and scale quickly 

Did you relate to any of the above? Feel like this opportunity might just be your calling?