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Have you ever: 

Regretted losing that talent showing the right attitude, willingness to learn and hardworking while you were convinced that she or he could have been a great asset to your team ? 

Experiencing this frustrating situation to have to start all over from scratch repeating the same cycle again and again ?

Have ever felt like your people has all of the individual capabilities but it’s just missing that special something to get to the next level ?

Or feel your sales team managers were overwhelmed or suffering under too much pressure?

Sounds familiar ?

The truth is that there is a very common pattern within the recruitment industry. There is often too much pressure on sales team managers’ shoulders. Once they take up the role, they are asked to maintain the same performance standards while managing and coaching teams. As a consequence, the risk is to overemphasize on one task at the expense of the other which could oftentimes tip the scales to a Lose-Lose situation.

It is even more true now that remote work has become the new normal. And it is typically a situation that could be reversed by using our coaching services.

Over the past 8 years, we gained strategic methods for maximum performance and mastered the pitfalls many budding  (recruiters)  face and  Today, with HPR we built  a proven blueprint for predicable and scalable results with committed clients, consistent sales and repeat business.

These are the strategies we wish to impart to your team, providing a roadmap to strengthen your staff.

We help recruitment businesses

To grow by providing the necessary support for their recruiters to meet their potential and get off the recruitment rollercoaster.
We are convinced that successful recruiters would not have been succeeded the way they did if it wasn’t because of the support that they received. And we witnessed too many wasted talents suffering from the lack of support.
But the good news is that It is not a fatality to lose your best talents and leaders over and over again. Let’s invest in your people, because they are a priority and are your best asset for success. A Supportive environment is the best incentive of all you could offer to your team!

So if you want:

Reduce the attrition and retain your talent by increasing staff wellbeing and relieving pressure from your management team

Guarantee meritocracy through reliable and supportive coaching

Maintain a clear short and long term operational plan that your employees can relate to

Scale your business and increase your bottom line

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