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Can’t manage to fill all your vacancies?
Are your job adverts and LinkedIn posts not attracting relevant candidates?
Or Are you using the same tools as your recruitment partners but aren’t getting similar results?

What does stop you to attract the desired talent?

During decades, staffing industry specialists built and matured an unparalleled expertise and know-how when it comes to recruiting.

And at HPR, here is our mission: we are sharing with our clients the know-how of the recruitment industry and we adapt it into their businesses through a tailor-made strategy for them to fulfill their vacancies in time and budget and meet the business expectations! 

Our coaches and recruiters have been top performer or proven professionals with experience in major international recruitment agencies with a successful track records in coaching and in meeting targets and implementing business efficiencies.

Over the past years, together with our clients, we achieved unprecedented growth (30% in average) and exceeded expectations. 

We provide talent acquisition consulting and coaching to ensure that our clients maintain a competitive edge in their industries and grow their business by attracting and recruiting the best talents.

We implement effective recruitment processes that support business and cost efficiencies.

If you want :

  • Fulfill your positions on time and budget
  • Take the best from existing tools to maximize budget and cost
  • Absorb work load and relieve pressure from internal teams thanks to method from recruitment industry
  • Refine and streamline processes with the highest conversation ratio at each recruitment phase
  • And experience an unprecedented growth
Book a call now to hire one of our coaches, talent acquisition consultants or to find your next in house recruiter.

Our services

  • External Recruiter on premise
  • Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)
  • Coaching and training solutions
  • Staffing services to hire your next recruiter
  • Employer branding & Recruitment marketing campaign
  • Procurement services
  • Trends and market analysis to select the best tools and external job boards – internal CRM / recruitment tool optimization

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